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85,33 EUR*
Details Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing (Scientific and Engineering Computation)

An Introduction to High-performance Scientific Computing This text provides an introduction to the use of high-performance computing systems (supercomputers) in scientific and engineering applications. It assumes a basic knowledge of numerical ...

101,57 EUR*
Details Software Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach (Quantitative Software Engineering Series, Band 1)

Software Performance and Scalability Gives the reader the ability to set up a proper test environment and conduct software performance and scalability tests. Uses many examples showing software performance problems and applicable solutions. Contains a ...

181,89 EUR*
Details High-Performance CMOS Continuous-Time Filters (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Band 223)

High-Performance CMOS Continuous-Time Filters High-Performance CMOS Continuous-Time Filters is devoted to the design of CMOS continuous-time filters. CMOS is employed because the most complex integrated circuits have been realized with this technology ...

245,03 EUR*
Details Top-Down Design of High-Performance Sigma-Delta Modulators (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)

Top-Down Design of High-Performance Sigma-Delta Modulators Top-Down Design of High-Performance Sigma-Delta Modulators discusses architectural and circuit considerations for optimizing the design of oversampled A/D interfaces for mixed-signal CMOS ...

23,98 EUR*
Details An Analysis of the Acquisition Process for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements Contracts and Its Potential Impact on Contractor Performance

The Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) contract's main purpose is to expedite contract award of civil engineer requirements through the issuance of individual delivery orders. The contract contains a collection of detailed ...

139,46 EUR*
Details Organizations’ Environmental Performance Indicators: Measuring, Monitoring, and Management (Environmental Science and Engineering)

The book provides a collection of individual chapters from the participants in the OEPI project, which represent a mix of academic and practical chapters and contributions. The first part of the book is dedicated to a theoretical introduction to ...

39,00 EUR*
Details Resilience Engineering: Concepts and Precepts

For Resilience Engineering, 'failure' is the result of the adaptations necessary to cope with the complexity of the real world, rather than a breakdown or malfunction. The performance of individuals and organizations must continually adjust to current ...

123,99 EUR*
Details Surrogate-Based Modeling and Optimization: Applications in Engineering

Contemporary engineering design is heavily based on computer simulations. Accurate, high-fidelity simulations are used not only for design verification but, even more importantly, to adjust parameters of the system to have it meet given performance ...

31,76 EUR*
Details Rotary-wing Aerodynamics (Engineering Series)

Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics Clear, concise text covers aerodynamic phenomena of the rotor and offers guidelines for helicopter performance evaluation. Originally prepared for NASA. Prefaces. New Indexes. 10 black-and-white photos. 537 figures. Full ...

136,87 EUR*
Details Applied Nonparametric Statistics in Reliability (Springer Series in Reliability Engineering)

Applied Nonparametric Statistics in Reliability This volume focuses on the latest statistical methods used to estimate the performance measures of reliability systems that operate under different conditions. It includes numerous techniques such as ...

45,95 EUR*
Details The CERT C Secure Coding Standard (Sei Series in Software Engineering)

The CERT C Secure Coding Standard "I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the CERT Secure Coding Initiative. Programmers have lots of sources of advice on correctness, clarity, maintainability, performance, and even safety. Advice on how specific language ...

15,84 EUR*
Details Acoustic Research Performance - Subwooferkabel 4,50 m

See and hear the difference with the Acoustic Research AP-052N Subwoofer RCA Audio Cable. It's made from high-quality materials and features advanced engineering solutions for coordination, resulting in better picture and better sound quality.

109,24 EUR*
Details Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (Paperback): Architectures and Protocols (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Techno)

Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Practical design and performance solutions for every ad hoc wireless network Ad Hoc Wireless Networks comprise mobile devices that use wireless transmission for communication. They can be set up anywhere and any time because ...

120,98 EUR*
Details Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Network-on-Chip Communication Architectures (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Band 184)

Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Network-on-Chip Communication Architectures Presenting a mathematical model for on-chip routers which can be used for NoC performance analysis, this book reflects the shift from computation- to communication ...

195,41 EUR*
Details Data Mining and Reverse Engineering: Searching for semantics. IFIP TC2 WG2.6 IFIP Seventh Conference on Database Semantics (DS-7) 7–10 October 1997, ... in Information and Communication Technology)

Data Mining and Reverse Engineering The database engineers are committed to the reuse of data, for performance and economic reasons. This book focuses on the issues in the discovery and understanding of the semantics hidden in various forms of ...